20 July 2024
Saudi Crown Prince, Pakistani PM Review Historical Relations, Cooperation
3 month ago
Iran's Revolutionary Guards say security forces have killed 15 "terrorist attackers" so far, and there are three more that are trapped
3 month ago
The Baloch militant group Jaish al Adel claims it attacked six Iranian military points in Balochistan and Sistan province. The group has increased its attacks inside Iran during recent months
3 month ago
Iran Interior Ministry says that armed men are holding a hostage inside a Revolutionary Guards headquarters in the southeast of the country. Five security personnel already killed in the militant attack
3 month ago
Five members of Iran’s security forces were killed in the Jaish al-Adl Sunni militant group’s attacks on Iranian military posts in southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province, IRNA reported. The victims include an IRGC officer, a Basij paramilitary force, a conscript and two police forces. Five militants were also killed in the clashes, according to Iran’s state media.
3 month ago
Video posted by Jaish al-Adl shows its militants in control of an IRGC base in Rask. The militants can be seen dressed in military uniforms and are equipped with heavy weapons. They are also rearming themselves from the weapons storage site at the IRGC base
Pakistani Defense Minister: We are not looking for a conflict with the Taliban, and we do not want to enter Afghanistan
Pakistani Army: Militants carried out an armed attack on March 16 on an army site, taking up positions to protect them in Afghanistan
Kabul announces the killing of eight people in Pakistani strikes on eastern Afghanistan
Pakistan's representative before the International Court of Justice: Negotiations and solutions should be consistent with international law
US steps up wording on Pakistan internet disruptions. "We continue to call on Pakistan to respect freedom of expression and restore access to social media that has been restricted including Twitter, now known as X," @StateDeptSpox says
AFP: An agreement to form a government coalition in Pakistan, excluding Imran Khan's party
Imran Khan's party: We will organize protests tomorrow if the final results do not appear tonight
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wins the general elections
5 month ago
Massive protest erupts in Pakistan against rigging. After elections, these protests can intensify, as there were reportedly 2 dead and 11 injured during the protest at Shangla
Pakistani media: Internet and mobile phone services suspended with the start of parliamentary elections
5 month ago
At least 20 killed in two explosions in Pakistan's Balochistan province, officials say, day before general election
5 month ago
4 Pakistani were killed and 5 others were injured in a blast near a Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) rally on the Jannah road, Sibbi district Balochistan
Pakistani gunship helicopters fly over Mach city and intermittent gunfire can be heard across the town. Large number of BLA fighters are still present in the town since last 16 hours5 month ago
Pakistani gunship helicopters fly over Mach city and intermittent gunfire can be heard across the town. Large number of BLA fighters are still present in the town since last 16 hours
Referring to the missile attack on Erbil and Pakistan, Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said: "We will not accept any threats against us from the countries that are neighboring to us." He added: "We have already warned and if we see that it is not respected, we will use our legitimate right and carry out operations."
Pakistani Foreign Ministry: Iran is a friendly country and we do not want any escalation
US State Department: We do not believe that the tensions between Pakistan and Iran are related to the situation in Gaza
US State Department: We will urge all parties to the tension between Iran and Pakistan to exercise restraint
Deputy Governor of Sistan & Balochistan: At 4 am, 3 drones attacked a border village in Saravan. In this attack, 4 houses were destroyed, and 10 people were killed, all of them were Pakistani. We are investigating how individuals from Pakistan have settled in this village in Iran
Iranian MP for Balochistan: There is no truth to Pakistan's statements regarding the presence of anti-Pakistan groups in the province
6 month ago
Türkiye expresses its readiness to intervene to resolve the differences between Iran, Iraq and Pakistan
Pakistani Army: We stress the importance of cooperation and dialogue to resolve bilateral issues with Iran
6 month ago
The death toll from Pakistani strikes on Iran has risen to 9 people
6 month ago
Shortly after Pakistan's airstrikes, Iran's army began air defence drills nicknamed "Defenders of Velayat Skies 1402," the 'Defenders of Asman Velayat 1402' exercise will start in a few hours. Spokesman of the exercise: This exercise will cover an area of about 600,000 square kilometers
AFP: Iran summons the Pakistani ambassador after targeting the border area